The links below provide various files and items which may enhance your Swords & Wizardry game. If you know of something not listed here that others might benefit from, let us know!
pdficon Swords_&_Wizardry_Quick_Start.pdf Designed so a group of people can start playing Swords & Wizardry quickly and easily. This book is divided into three sections: Players Quick Start, Referee Quick Start and adventure “The Dungeon of Akban.” 1790k v.2 v.2
yellow-folder-icon-42793 Character Sheets
pdficon BurkesCharacterSheet.pdf 77k v.2
pdficon FitzsCharacterSheetfordouble-sided-A4paper.pdf 21k v.2
pdficon FitzsCharacterSheetforonefoldedA4paper.pdf 22k v.2
pdficon Fitz_SW_character-sheet_A4.pdf Awesome character sheet from Fitz: A4 double-sided full-sheet format — for those who like a bit more room to write stuff down. There’s nowhere specifically for spell lists, but there’s a large area on the back labelled “Miscellaneous” which would fill the bill quite well. 35k v.2
pdficon GrimsCharacterSheet.pdf 181k v.2
pdficon GrimsSpellTrackingSheet.pdf 302k v.2
Magic-User Spell Tracker Sheet Magic-user Spell Tracker used to keep track of their found spells, known spells and memorized spells. This should help Magic-User player keep all his spell notes organized. (source: http://warlockshomebrew.blogspot.com)
pdficon sdhSWcharsheet_ESP.pdf S.D. Houston’s awesome editable character sheet translated into Spanish by Luis Alfaro. Thanks Luis! 253k v.2
pdficon sdhSWcharsheet.pdf An awesome editable PDF sheet donated to the community by S.D. Houston via the Swords & Wizardry Google+ Community (https://plus.google.com/u/0/118141826579565220257/posts/BVADx2hknCC) 129k v.2
pdficon SW_CharSheet_ESP One page character sheet in Spanish by Luis Alfaro. 130k v.2
Swords & Wizardry Core Rules Single Sided Character Sheet With section for spells (source: http://warlockshomebrew.blogspot.com)
Swords & Wizardry Core Rules Single Sided Character Sheet With larger section for equipment (source: http://warlockshomebrew.blogspot.com)
yellow-folder-icon-42793 GM Tools & Aids
pdficon 140henchmenforhire.pdf 175k v.2
pdficon Adventure-AssaultoftheMushroomMen.pdf A Swords & Wizardry Encounter: A cavernous encounter with creatures that just keep coming! 64k v.2
pdficon Adventure-IntheOgreChiefsGrasp.pdf A Swords & Wizardry Quick-Play Adventure: Rescuing a halfling community from an ogreish overlord. 90k v.2
pdficon Adventure-RatsintheCellar.pdf A Swords & Wizardry Quick-Play Adventure: A tale of deadly rodents and free ale. 99k v.2
pdficon Adventure-TheHunt.pdf A Swords & Wizardry Quick-Play Adventure: A simple boar hunt in Mystwood sees the heroes go from hunters to prey. 59k v.2
pdficon Adventure-TheRestlessMausoleum.pdf A Swords & Wizardry Quick-Play Adventure: Can the heroes lift a young man’s curse while appeasing the restless dead? 85k v.2
pdficon CDD3-Dungeon-Geomorphs.pdf A set of 60 interlocking map tiles for quick design of caves, catacombs, mines and dungeons. 1021k v.3
Elf Lord’s Temple A very rough draft of a 2nd to 4th level adventure (source: http://batintheattic.blogspot.com/)
Fantasy Demographics Fantasy Demographics (source: http://batintheattic.blogspot.com/)
pdficon GrimRandomNPCGenerator.pdf 109k v.2
pdficon HexMapperWorksheet.pdf 31k v.2
Magic Item Creation Costs Majestic Wilderlands Magic Item Creation Costs Copyright 2011 Robert S. Conley Written by Robert S. Conley Contributors Tim Shorts, Dwayne Gillingham (source: http://batintheattic.blogspot.com/)
pdficon SWCoreGMScreen.pdf 250k v.2